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New digital concept store and mobile app bring “easier and better” experience to Pizza Hut customers

KUALA  LUMPUR,  October  10,  2017 – Pizza Hut Malaysia (“Pizza Hut”), Malaysia’s No. 1 pizza chain announced a new digital frontier for the brand -its newly refurbished digital concept store in Sunway Pyramid and a new mobile app.

Both  initiatives  propel  Pizza  Hut  forward  in  its  digitaltransformation, supporting the brand’s mission of making it ‘Easy’, to get a great pizza and providing a ‘Better’ quality of experience for customers.

Speaking at the event, Merrill Pereyra, Chief Executive Officer of QSR Brands (M) Holdings Bhd said: “In developing Pizza Hut’s digital strategy, we went back to the essence of what the food industry is about. In our industry, customer experience is key and digital isn’t just a matter of applying technology for technology’s sake -it’s about making our customer  experience  better. For us, this means making it easier for our customers to get a better pizza -whether in store or at home or anywhere at all.”

“This is why Pizza Hut embarked  on  a  digital  transformation  journey,  starting  with  our  website revamp  and now, our mobile app and very first digital concept store. We’re hoping to provide customers  an  entirely  new  digital  experience  from  the  moment  they  walk  into  the  store,  order and enjoy their dining experience. This is just the beginning. We’re looking toexpand our digital concept to more stores, bringing an easier and better digital experience to all our customers.”

Transforming the digital dining and ordering experience

Pizza Hut’s new digital concept store gives customers an entirely new digital experience  from the moment they set foot in the restaurant, order and enjoy their food to the moment they exit. From  the  ordering  and  queue  management  digital  panels  outside  the  store  to  the  greeting robots, the store was designed to be innately digital in nature.

In the newly launched digital concept store, all Pizza Hut servers are equipped with  tablets for faster and better accurate orders to the kitchen.

The new store is also Pizza Hut’s first in Asia Pacific to feature Digital Take Away Kiosks. The kiosks allow customers to make orders and pay more quickly, increasing efficiency and reducing wait times to place an order.

Customers  will  also  get  to  experience  an Augmented  Reality  menu,  bringing  food  to  life  in greater vividness than ever before as they select their dishes. The digital experience continues after the order is made, with an engaging digital game to keep customers entertained while they wait for their freshly baked pizzas.

“When looking at implementing digital technology into our digital concept store, we approached the task from a customer’s point of view. How could we make the whole experience easier and better  for  customers?  That’s  why  we’ve  implemented  several  solutions,  one  of  it  being  the Digital  Take-Away  Kiosks –because  customers  told  us  they  wanted  to  be  able  to  order  and complete their transactions quicker, so that they could more quickly enjoy delicious pizzas. This way,  our  investment  into  the  kiosk  translates  immediately  into  a  solution  that  makes  our customer experience better.”

Convenience at your fingertips

For  customers  who  prefer  to  enjoy  pizza  delivered,  Pizza  Hut  started  making  the  experience better  with  a  revamp  of  its  website  earlier  in  May  this  year, with easier  and  more  convenient ordering, navigating and tracking mechanisms.

The investment paid off with an 107%* increase in website traffic, while online sales transactions increased by 31%*.

Today, Pizza Hut is taking this one step further by officially launching its mobile app. The new app makes ordering pizza an easier and more rewarding experience.

The  app  remembers  customers’  last  order  and  preferences –including  previous  delivery address, so repeat customers don’t have to enter data over and over again. With built-in  GPS and location data available on many mobile phones today –the app can detect the customer’s location  and  make  ordering  as  simple  as  a  click.  Delivery  status  monitoring makes  it  easy  for customers to check how soon their pizzas will arrive.

On top of making ordering easier, Pizza Hut’s mobile app also makes it better for customers by rewarding  customers  as  they  order  delicious  pizzas.  With  every  order,  customers  will  beawarded pizza points that can be redeemed for rewards such as free side dishes, drinks or even free pizzas.

Since the app has been introduced in early September, it has been downloaded 37,432 times to date, with a steady increase in sales coming in through the mobile app.

Double the rewards with “You download, We Belanja!”

In  celebrating  their  new  mobile  app, Pizza  Hut  is  giving  away  35,000  pizzas  through  their  new promotion, “You Download, We Belanja”. Customers are only required to download the Pizza Hut  mobile  app,  order  a  regular  pizza  and  they  will  get  another  regular  pizza  for  free,  while stocks last till 30thOctober!

On-going investment into digital

Pizza Hut intends to continue investing into digital technology to enhance customer experience.

Pereyra concluded, “Our investment into our digital strategy is not driven just by a blind need to stay “in-trend.” Instead, we are using technology in a deliberate and strategic manner to make our  customer  experience  richer,  better  and  ultimately  more  enjoyable -just  like  the  pizza  they enjoy.

After all, everyone loves delicious and hot pizzas. The question is always: “how can we get better pizzas to you in an easier manner and reward you while doing so?”

“We  believe  this  is  what  puts  a  smile  on  our  customers  faces  and  this  is  why  we  are  so committed to embracing technology to make our customer experience easier and better,” he added.

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*Pizza Hut Malaysia’s revamped website has garnered 31% of online sales and 107% increase in website traffic upon 5 months of the website launch.

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