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Bringing smiles to the larger community by focusing efforts on combating cancer

KUALA  LUMPUR,  December  8,  2017 – Pizza Hut Malaysia (“Pizza Hut”), Malaysia’ No. 1 pizza chain today announced the launch of its CSR initiative: ‘Hut to Heart’. The new long-term  initiative  to champion social good will focus on fighting against Malaysia’s third leading cause of premature fatality: cancer.

Pizza  Hut  has  been  in  Malaysia  for  35  years  and  has  grown  to  more  than  350  restaurants  nationwide, largely thanks to the support of the Malaysian community. Looking for a meaningful way to give back to society, the brand looked for ways that it could make a wide impact on society and touch the lives of as many  Malaysians  as  possible.  As  Pizza  Hut  celebrates its  35th Anniversary  this  year,  it  continues  to  put smiles on customers’ faces not just through freshly baked pizzas but through its ‘Hut to Heart’ CSR initiative.

Speaking  at  the  event,  Ybhg.  Datuk  Mohamed  Azahari  Mohamed  Kamil,  Managing  Director  of  QSR Brands (M) Holdings Berhad shared, “Corporate Responsibility is something that we’re very passionate about -it  is  not  just  about doing  good  for  the  community,  but  empowering  and  equipping  our community with skills to live life to the fullest. In hopes to improving life and our communities, we stand by its mandate to carry out all CSR initiatives in areas like sports & youth development, education, caring for the unfortunate community and more.”

Mr. Merrill Pereyra,  Chief  Executive  Officer  (Restaurant  Division),  QSR  Brands  (M)  Holdings  Bhd stated, “We chose cancer because of its prevalence in Malaysia, but also because cancer affectsnot  only  the patient but reaches beyond and impacts the quality of life of family and loved ones around them as well. The  good  news  is  that  30%  to  50%  of  cancer  diseases  can  be  prevented  if  detected  early  enough  and that’s where we want to help, by spreading awareness of early detection.”

‘Hut to Heart’ Initiative

The ‘Hut to Heart’ initiative aims to empower Malaysians to live a happier and healthier cancer-free life shared  with  their  loved  ones  and  community.  In  order  to  do  so,  Pizza  Hut  is  helping  in the  fight  to minimise cancer cases amongst Malaysians by investing into creating greater awareness on preventive screenings and access to treatment. 

“Before we embarked on this CSR initiative, we started with a sincere intent to a deeper understanding of  the  people  we  want  to  empower,  to  address  the  issues  they  want  to  resolve.  Cancer  immediately stood  out  to  us  because  it  is  a  disease  on  the  rise  that  affects  anyone,  at  any  time,  regardless of  age, race  or  gender.  A  spin  of  the popular phrase ‘From heart to heart’ -‘Hut to Heart’ establishes the premise  that  every  cause  the  brand  undertakes  must  and  always  come  from  the  heart  of  everyone  in Pizza Hut. It is a commitment from the bottom of our heart,” said Mr. Pereyra.

Under the ‘Hut to Heart’ initiative, there are two identified projects, namely ‘SayangiMu’ in partnership with the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) and a collaboration with Hospital Sultan Aminah in Johor.

‘SayangiMu’ Programme, in Collaboration with NCSM

The first of two projects under ‘Hut to Heart’ that will be rolled out is the ‘SayangiMu’ project. Women are  the  backbone  of  a  family,  caring  for  their  families  first  and  putting  the  needs  of  their  loved  ones ahead  of  their  own  needs  and  often  neglecting  their health. The project name ‘SayangiMu’ itself, represents  a  call  for  all  women  to  start  caring  for  themselves  and  take  their  health  matters  into  their own hands.

More than 5,000 Malaysian families are directly affected by breast cancer every year and the number is growing  by  the  year.  Despite  this  staggering  number,  many  women still  have  little  to  no  awareness  on breast  cancer.  Furthermore,  up  to  70%  women  in  rural  communities  do  not  know  how  to  perform  a breast self-examination.

Understanding  this challenge, Pizza Hut joined hands with NCSM to develop the ‘SayangiMu’ project, a 3-year  partnership  to  minimise  breast  cancer  by  raising  awareness  on  the  importance  of  preventive screenings amongst women while bridging the gap between rural areas on accessibility to get preventive screenings.

Dr. Saunthari Somasundaram, President of NCSM said, “It is our mission to educate, care and support Malaysians nationwide with the overarching vision of living in a world without cancer. This is why we are excited to be working with Pizza Hut on the ‘SayangiMu’ project. Together, we will collaborate to ensure that  we  reach  out  to  as  many  Malaysians  to  achieve  our  joint  goal  of  educating  people  on  the importance of preventive screenings.”

The ‘SayangiMu’ project is designed to  raise  awareness  and  educate  women  about  the  importance  of early prevention of breast cancer. In-store and online communications through #Sayangimu, developed together  with  breast  cancer  survivors  and  influencers  who  have  personally  encountered  cancer  will  be used to raise awareness on the importance of early detection screenings.

Pizza  Hut  will  also  embark  on  a donation  drive  to  raise  RM300,000  to  provide  fully  sponsored  early detection  screenings  to  1000  rural  woman.  This  donation  drive  will  be  executed  through  various platforms  namely,  a  special  Pizza  Hut  menu,  spare  change  box  located  at  Pizza  Hut  outlets,  and partnership with suppliers and vendors.

For further information on how the public can contribute to this initiative, please visit:

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About QSR Brands (M) Holdings Bhd (QSR Brands)

A  franchisee  of  close  to  780  KFC  restaurants  in  Malaysia,  Singapore,  Brunei,  India  and  Cambodia,  it  is also  the  operator  of  Pizza  Hut  in  Malaysia  and Singapore,  with more  than 391  restaurants  and delivery concepts in Malaysia and 80 restaurants and delivery concepts in Singapore. In addition to its restaurant operations,it   is   extensively   involved   in   breeder   and   contract   broiler   farming,   hatchery,   poultry production  and  processing  as  well  as  a  host  of  ancillary  businesses  including  baking,  commissary  and sauce  production.  This  makes  QSR  Malaysia  a  fully-integrated  food  operator.  QSR  and  its  subsidiaries guarantee full halal compliance to customers in all the Group’s markets. Every aspect of the food manufacturing   process   follows   strict   controls   and   accepts   only   certificates   recognized   by   the Department  of  Islamic  Development  Malaysia  (JAKIM)  as  well  as  other  food  safety  authorities  in  other markets and strictly adheres to MS1500:2009.

About National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM)

The  National  Cancer  Society  Malaysia  (NCSM),  also  known  as  Persatuan  Kebangsaan  Kanser  Malaysia was  established  in  1966  under  the  laws  of  the  Malaysian  Societies  Act  and  Registrar  of  Societies Malaysia. NCSM  is  the  first  not-for-profit  cancer  organisation in  Malaysia  that  provides  education, care and support services for people affected by cancer. Being the only charitable organisation that provides a  holistic  cancer  support  to  patients  and  caregivers,NCSM  supports  patients  in  understanding  and dealing with cancer in various phases through its five cancer centres –the Cancer and Health Screening Clinic, Nuclear Medicine Centre, Resource and Wellness Centre, Quit Smoking Clinic and the Children’s Home  of  Hope  and  has  branches  in  six  states,  i.e.  Johor,  Negeri  Sembilan,  Melaka,  Perak,  Penang  and Sarawak.

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