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Q: What is GST?
A: GST is the Goods and Services Tax (GST) implemented by the government of Malaysia to replace the pre-existing Sales Tax.
Q: Will Pizza Hut Malaysia be charging GST?
A: Yes. Pizza Hut Malaysia is registered with the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) in compliance with GST regulations and the amount collected will be remitted to RMCD.
Q: How much GST will be charged?
A: GST will be charged at the standard rate of 6% of the total amount due.
Q: Do Pizza Hut’s prices include GST?
A: Yes. All the prices in our menu and promotional materials are inclusive of GST.
Q: So Pizza Hut increased their prices?
A: No, our prices have not increased.. The price you pay for all our menu items stays the same, even after GST. This is because GST is replacing the 6% Government Sales Tax.
Q: Do you still have the 10% service charge?
A: All prices and charges for dine-in are subject to 10% service charge.
Q: Will Pizza Hut be issuing a tax receipt/tax invoice to customers?
A: Yes, purchases below RM500 in a single transaction will be issued a valid tax receipt. For purchases exceeding RM500 in a single transaction, we will issue a full tax invoice only upon customer’s request. We will require the customer’s name and address to be printed on the full tax invoice.
Q: Do customers have to pay GST when they redeem vouchers?
A: Monetary vouchers (cash vouchers) function as cash. GST will only be imposed on the goods and services purchased.
Non-monetary vouchers (promotional vouchers for meals or services) are subject to GST upon sale and issue of the voucher. There is no GST to be collected upon redemption of the vouchers.
Discount vouchers are monetary vouchers. GST is charged on the price of the goods or services received after the discount.
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